We are very proud to present our cooperation with TV show host Jessica Almenäs. Jessica is a down to earth person with a personal image – an active woman with many projects going on. She has a successful career but is at the same time very family oriented and prioritizes taking care of herself, her health and her appearance. In short, she is a person that many women can relate to and an embodiment of Jabushe’s number one belief – being proud and happy in your own skin.

Jessica about the cooperation:

Why have you chosen to become brand ambassador for Jabushe?

”I tried Jabushe for a month before I decided to become ambassador. I liked the products straight away. You can really feel that they are active and make something happen in your skin. Since I’m over 40 I need to think more and more about how I take care of my skin and use skin care that really works. I plan to look fresh and healthy for many years to come! I also like that Jabushe is a Swedish brand with production in Sweden and that the products are based on serious Swedish research and clinical studies. They can actually show clinically documented effect, not many skin care brands can do that. I also love that all Jabushes skincare products are vegan.”


What do you find most difficult when it comes to finding skincare products that suit you?

”The beauty market is a jungle and it is not easy to find the right products for you. I think you should adjust your skincare to suit your age and skin type. As you get older you need more active products. It’s simply a matter of trial and error. You can tell pretty quickly if it’s a perfect match or not. Something that often tend to fool you is the price. You instrinctively think that the most expensive product is the best. I don’t agree with that.”

What does your beauty/skincare routine look like?

”I exercise a lot and I have a job where I need to wear a lot of make up, so therefore I am extra thorough when it comes to cleansing. I wash my face with Jabushe Cleansing Lotion every morning and evening. Best cleanser ever! In the morning I use Jabushe Intense Moisture Protection and Jabushe Eye lift serum – I am sensitive to pollen so this product is perfect for my puffy eyes. In the evening I use Jabushe Soft Cream – I only use it once a day since it is very active and my skin is a bit sensitive, especially in winter. Around the eyes I also use Jabushe Eye Cream. In addition to this I drink Jabushes Collagen every day to boost my skin from the inside.”

How does Jabushe make your every day life easier?

”Thanks to Jabushe’s multi function products my skincare routine is both quick and simple. I have never had time to spend more than a few minutes per day on this. Time is always in short supply when you have a busy work schedule, have three children and live an active life in general. The Jabushe range consists of relatively few products that cover all my needs and are also easy to bring when travelling.”


How do you stay so fresh and youthful? (apart from your skincare routine)

”Unfortunately I don’t get as much sleep as I would like due to a one-year-old that hasn’t slept through the night since birth. When you don’t sleep enough it shows on your face straight away. I try to be physically active as much as I can, which is good for both your body and your mind. I try to spend time outside every day to get fresh air and some sunlight. I drink a lot of water, eat a lot of vegetables and do yoga pretty regularly. Then I guess my north of Sweden genes also help, haha.”